Mortgage Refinance

Benefits of a Mortgage Refinance

We work with you personally to offer you valuable insight throughout the process, save your time and find the mortgage that best suits your situation. We provide services in Surrey and all over the Lower Mainland, BC.

Benefits of Refinancing your Mortgage:

  • Shorten your mortgage and reduce number of payments;
  • Reduce total interest expenses over your loan;
  • Payment may increase but save money in long run; &
  • Multiple option for mortgage length.

Mortgage Refinance for DEBT Consolidation

Why Consolidate Debt into Mortgage ?

Many Canadians and people in BC are taking advantage of refinancing some of the equity in their mortgage to reduce their credit card debt. Why pay high interest rates on your bank’s credit card debt when you can add that debt to your mortgage and pay a much lower interest rate! One important part of a Mortgage Refinance strategy is knowing “good debt” from “bad debt”. A well-planned mortgage refinance can help you turn those bad debts into good debts and get them out of the way.
1. Consolidate high interest rate credit cards to one lower rate.
2. Save money and increase cash flow.
3. Reduce stress knowing that your financial situation is now manageable.
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