We provide creative self-employed Mortgage Surrey financing solutions!

Do you need a self-employed mortgage in Surrey or Lower Mainland, BC?

Self Employed Mortgage Surrey

  • Not enough income to qualify for a traditional mortgage?
  • Banks need 2 to 3 years history of self-employed income
  • History of debt?
  • Insufficient credit scores?
  • Are overbearing bank documentation requirements delaying your mortgage application?
  • Unable to meet current repayment terms?
  • Zero experience with the mortgage market and self-employed mortgages in Canada?

If any of these apply to your situation, Lakhvinder Gill – Mortgage Consultant can help you. We pride ourselves on providing immediate financing and custom solutions for every client. Our financing experts ensure the borrower receives the solutions they need.

Lakhvinder Gill – Mortgage Consultant

Self Employed Mortgage Surrey

Lakhvinder Gill is one of the pioneer mortgage consultants associated with SkyReach Capital Group, Surrey, BC. We are determined to provide each borrower with immediate, easy and adequate financing that makes sense for your situation. We take pride in helping self-employed individuals in Canada in acquiring self-employed mortgages with a simple and ‘common sense’ approach method.

Private financing firms have become a borrower’s first preference in Canada for one reason: they offer immediate access to funds even for the most challenging clients. At Lakhvinder Gill – Mortgage Consultant, our core strength is our pioneering and creative approach to providing self-employed mortgage solutions. We provide an alternative from the banks and credit unions to our self-employed clients.


We say Yes When Banks Say No

If your application was denied by the banks, Lakhvinder Gill – Mortgage Consultant can help. We cater to every client, irrespective of their financial situation, and help borrowers access the funds they need. If you are a self-employed individual who has been turned down by credit unions due to your profession, Lakhvinder Gill should be your go-to. We do the deals the banks don’t do.

Extensive Network of Lenders

Our network of lenders is ready to immediately finance deals, irrespective of how hard it may be. With reasonable mortgage terms, simple application processes and immediate financing, Lakhvinder Gill can give you the self-employed mortgage you need. Our committed team ensures borrowers can find a solution to their financial situation.

Common Sense Lending

Our focused, common-sense lending has made Lakhvinder Gill an ideal choice for private/alternative mortgages. We understand that self-employed individuals should have easy access to funds to fuel their businesses and finance their goals. Unlike banks, we understand every borrower’s situation and take the time to properly examine their potential.

Why Choose Lakhvinder Gill for a Self-Employed Mortgage?

Mortgage Solution for Self Employed

  • Do you need money NOW?
  • Are you looking for a quick application process?
  • Do you want to get approved without lengthy income assessments?
  • Are you looking for progressive mortgage solutions?
  • Do you need a common-sense lender who understands your needs?


If your answer to any of these was YES, then Lakhvinder Gill is the best private mortgage brokerage for you. At Lakhvinder Gill – Mortgage Consultant, our experts are available round-the-clock to help you with your unique self-employed financing requirements. So, self-employed individuals who generally have a hard time acquiring mortgages can get their mortgage request approved within no time at Lakhvinder Gill – Mortgage Consultant.


Getting a self-employed mortgage in Canada is hard for freelancers, self-employed workers, and contractors, but not impossible. As long as your mortgage request fulfils all the requirements set forth by your private alternative mortgage firm, the chances of getting your mortgage denied are minimal.

When it comes to banks and credit unions their requirements are generally as follows:

  • Good credit history,
  • Stable source of income
  • A large down payment
  • Clear mortgage documentation
  • Large cash reserves
  • Low debt-to-income ratio
  • Two years statements
  • And/or other documentation, depending on the mortgage you need.

Gathering the documentation for these requirements can be a tedious process. At Lakhvinder Gill – Mortgage Consultant, we save our client’s time and money with relatively less paperwork and a common-sense approach. Our team at Lakhvinder Gill – Mortgage Consultant  is also self-employed. This is why we understand your situation and do our best to help you fulfil your financial needs.

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