Variable & Fixed mortgage

Variable mortgage rates

With a variable mortgage, your rates are typically lower but they will vary over the term. Your payments will be based on market behaviour and this will have an affect on how much you are paying. The amount that you are paying will change over time.

Fixed Mortgage Rates

More than 50% of Canadians have fixed mortgage rates, which means the monthly payment stays the same over the full term. You are protected against fluctuating interest rates, so it can set up and you don’t have to worry about it. If you want stability – this is the best option for you.


BC Mortgage Rates

We are ready to review your application for a no down payment mortgage to help you find your first home.

ONE YEAR FIXED RATE MORTGAGE                                         |       2.59%
TWO YEAR FIXED RATE MORTGAGE                                        |       2.19%
THREE YEAR FIXED RATE MORTGAGE                                     |      2.34%
FOUR YEAR FIXED RATE MORTGAGE                                       |      2.49%
FIVE YEAR FIXED RATE MORTGAGE                                         |      2.39%
FIVE YEAR VARIABLE RATE close Prime minus 70 BPS             |      2.15%
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